Hi there,

Me, Chris, and Auggie on a hike in Peters Canyon in California.

Me, Chris, and Auggie on a hike in Peters Canyon in California.

Thank you for stopping by my new blog, Rosie Cakes. My name is Anna Rose, and my husband, Chris, and I just moved into a new house in Champaign, IL. Along for the ride, is my service dog, Auggie. I’m sure both of these fine gentlemen will make frequent appearances on Rosie Cakes. They are my favorite kitchen buddies, after all.

There are thousands of food blogs out there (including my formerly awesome, now inactive blog The Cheesecake Addiction) and you might be wondering why I’m throwing my faux chef’s hat into the mix with the rest of them.

Well, to be honest, my food is FRICKIN DELICIOUS, yo.

But beyond that, I love sharing my kitchen adventures, be them triumphs or disasters. I love learning new techniques and perfecting them and I find cooking and baking to be exciting and soothing at the same time. And I love writing, but I’ve been on a writing hiatus for upwards of a year and need to get back into it.

So. I bring you Rosie Cakes. I hope you find it entertaining and full of delicious recipes. Whether it’s cookies, cakes, cocktails, or a Sunday roast, I want to tell you all about it. Thanks again for stopping by, and feel free to drop me a line.

Anna Rose