redwinecupcakesDo you love cupcakes? Of course you do; who doesn’t? Well, lucky for you, I deliver my cupcakes across the Champaign, IL area, and even as far as the Chicagoland area. I will make cupcakes “just because”, as a gift, or for parties of all kinds.

And ya’ll know my cupcakes are BOMB.

Here’s the deal:

Minium purchase: 6 cupcakes


Chocolate/Vanilla: $2/cupcake

Pumpkin Spice, Red Wine, or Champagne: $3/cupcake

Delivery Charges: Vary depending on distance. For same day delivery, please place all orders by 2:00pm. For deliveries more than 20 miles away, please allow 2 days for order processing.

0-5 miles: $4.00

6-10 miles: $5.00

11-20 miles: $6.00

21+: Varies.

Delivery to Chicagoland area: $45.00, unless there are multiple orders.

Please contact me below with your orders.